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Ten Things, The Morning After the Election

1. It does look like I’ve likely won my seat on the D200 high school board, though there are enough mail-in ballots to be counted (which can take up to two weeks!) that it could potentially swing the vote. Statistically very unlikely, though, so all the people sending me congratulations are probably fine. Here’s a …

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I Might Need an Evening Coffee Habit

Me waiting for the results to come in. Me eating cake with fellow candidates and hardy volunteers. Me seeing that 44 of 45 precincts have reported in, and it looks like I’m likely to be elected. Me, apparently happy at having volunteered for twice as many meetings as I currently attend for the library board, …

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The Honorable Madhurima Chakraborty

I am pleased with these results for the library. Woot! I’ll be leaving it in good hands, which is a weight off my mind. And congrats, Madhurima Chakraborty! (Once you’re inducted, you’ll be entitled to call yourself The Honorable Madhurima Chakraborty. For life.)

Ask Me Anything

Tomorrow is election day here in Oak Park. I’ll be posting later with my election picks, in case that’s helpful to locals, but for now, I’m going to make this an AMA — Ask Me Anything post. I do have a lot of work to get through today, but in between work, I’ll try to …

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Blooming at My House

Also blooming at my house — yard signs! Mine are finally in, with less than two weeks until the election, yes I’m cutting it close, it’s been a year, people. If you signed up for a yard sign, I have yours ready, and if you’d like ones for Kebreab Henry and/or Elias Ortega, please let …

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I’m Still Very Serious

Heading into my possibly last library board meeting (depending on whether I get elected to school board — if I don’t, I’ll have one more library board meeting after this). I’m mildly amused by how meeting remotely has relaxed dress conventions a little bit — I think I wore a blazer to most of the …

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Candidate Profile in the Local Paper

Candidate profile in the local paper — my bio, plus brief answers to a few questions. (They asked that we keep them brief.)  

Chicago Tribune Piece on the Candidates for D200

Chicago Tribune piece on the candidates for D200 school board; we answered various questions for them.

A Rough Election Cycle

A student journalist at Medill has published this timeline and explication of some of the recent events in Oak Park politics. It’s been a rough election cycle here.

Yard Signs Ordered!

Yard signs ordered! Yes! Checking things off the darn list, finally. If you haven’t told me already that you’d like a yard sign, and would like one, please let me know! If you HAVE told me, just hang in there — I’ll be back in touch as soon as I have them in hand. 50 …

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