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Blooming at My House

Also blooming at my house — yard signs! Mine are finally in, with less than two weeks until the election, yes I’m cutting it close, it’s been a year, people. If you signed up for a yard sign, I have yours ready, and if you’d like ones for Kebreab Henry and/or Elias Ortega, please let …

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I’m Still Very Serious

Heading into my possibly last library board meeting (depending on whether I get elected to school board — if I don’t, I’ll have one more library board meeting after this). I’m mildly amused by how meeting remotely has relaxed dress conventions a little bit — I think I wore a blazer to most of the …

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Candidate Profile in the Local Paper

Candidate profile in the local paper — my bio, plus brief answers to a few questions. (They asked that we keep them brief.)  

Chicago Tribune Piece on the Candidates for D200

Chicago Tribune piece on the candidates for D200 school board; we answered various questions for them.

A Rough Election Cycle

A student journalist at Medill has published this timeline and explication of some of the recent events in Oak Park politics. It’s been a rough election cycle here.

Yard Signs Ordered!

Yard signs ordered! Yes! Checking things off the darn list, finally. If you haven’t told me already that you’d like a yard sign, and would like one, please let me know! If you HAVE told me, just hang in there — I’ll be back in touch as soon as I have them in hand. 50 …

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Hence ActBlue

Good morning, folks! ActBlue wasn’t set up for our school board race the last time I checked, but they are now, and I’ve finished my set-up, so if you’d like to donate to my campaign, this is your chance. This is a non-partisan election, so I’m not running as a Democrat per se, but by …

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Endorsed by the Illinois Asian American Caucus

Delighted to receive an endorsement from the Illinois Asian American Caucus. As someone who has taught Asian American literature & history at the college level, I know how far we still have to go in providing a comprehensive and complete education on those subjects to our students and the community at large. If elected as …

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Yard Sign for My Campaign

Hello, local peeps who would like to support my campaign! I have a yard sign design, woohoo!, and will be ordering signs tomorrow, to distribute hopefully by the end of the week. If you’d like to host a sign in your yard, let me know now? It’ll help me know how many to order tomorrow! …

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Campaign Things I Have Finally Done Today:

– asked Jed to fix my campaign website address- wrote apologetic note to campaign volunteer saying super sorry for being super slow- told her yes I am committing to the postcard mailing costs- waffled and then sent her some potential text for postcards – sent her photo for postcards (All of the above took no …

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