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A Strange Campaign Season

DPOP candidate forum done — we definitely got some questions that were a little different from the Democrat party peeps, than we’ve been getting from the general populace. Nice to have new questions to answer, though in general, much of what campaigning is, really is answering the same question over and over and over again …

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DPOP Candidate Forum

In DPOP candidate forum right now on Zoom, listening to the questions for the Village President candidates (my turn will come). They were talking about economic recovery and the budget, and I suddenly wondered whether, in the same way the federal government passes economic stimulus packages, that ever happens at a local municipality level. For …

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A Campaign Bank Account

Hey, folks, I could use some legal / financial advice / help. I think I’m going to spend at least a little money on my campaign, which means I need a campaign bank account, and they’re requiring I have an EIN, I think? (And a form, that I have to find online and fill out…I …

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I Miss My Peeps

12:40 p.m. on a Tuesday night and I am finally trying to get the graphics for my yard signs sorted out, and did I mention that the election is in less than a month! Eep. Pandemic makes time seriously hazy. But I spent a little while looking through old files hunting for my library board …

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It’s International Women’s Day

I’m the only woman running for the D200 school board. 6 candidates, and 5 of them are men. Today, I invite you to think about what systemic barriers prevent women from running for office, and what that means in terms of women’s voices and influence in our government. School board is an unpaid position here. …

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Filling Out the Oak Leaves Newspaper

Oh, this is what I do at 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night, filling out another candidate questionnaire, this one from the Oak Leaves newspaper. Mostly the same questions as other questionnaires, although with a few differences: > Why are you running for election to the board? I’m finishing up a four-year term on the …

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Your Vote Is Your Voice

Another meet-and-greet I’ll be at, if you can’t make tomorrow’s and would like to come ask me political questions.

Meet the Candidates

I wanted to take a moment to talk about why people might want to go to candidate meet-and-greets. They honestly weren’t on my radar before the last election cycle, when Trump’s election got me much more civically engaged on that front. I suspect a lot of my friends (and readers here), even if they care …

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If You Missed the SEOPCO Community Forum

If you missed the SEOPCO community forum last night and have questions for me about D200, please don’t hesitate to join me this Saturday at 2 p.m. on Zoom. Or if you know all about me, but still have questions for Cate Readling, who is running for Village President, feel free to join and just …

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Survived Community Forum Number 2!

(Apologies to candidates if I caught you at a bad moment in this screenshot). Thanks to SEOPCO for hosting a fascinating discussion. For those who couldn’t attend, it was recorded, and they’ll be putting it up shortly. Onwards to April 6! (Vote early if you can. )