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Your Vote Is Your Voice

Another meet-and-greet I’ll be at, if you can’t make tomorrow’s and would like to come ask me political questions.

Meet the Candidates

I wanted to take a moment to talk about why people might want to go to candidate meet-and-greets. They honestly weren’t on my radar before the last election cycle, when Trump’s election got me much more civically engaged on that front. I suspect a lot of my friends (and readers here), even if they care …

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If You Missed the SEOPCO Community Forum

If you missed the SEOPCO community forum last night and have questions for me about D200, please don’t hesitate to join me this Saturday at 2 p.m. on Zoom. Or if you know all about me, but still have questions for Cate Readling, who is running for Village President, feel free to join and just …

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Survived Community Forum Number 2!

(Apologies to candidates if I caught you at a bad moment in this screenshot). Thanks to SEOPCO for hosting a fascinating discussion. For those who couldn’t attend, it was recorded, and they’ll be putting it up shortly. Onwards to April 6! (Vote early if you can. )

League of Women Voters Video

The League of Women Voters has put up the video from the D200 candidate forum that they held a few weeks ago. Note that they had some technical issues at the beginning, so it may take 15 or so minutes before we start, and then it’s maybe the second question before all the candidates have …

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SEOPCO Candidate Forum for D200

A little more info on tonight’s SEOPCO candidate forum for D200 (OPRF high school board), just so people know what the format will be like: “Each of the six candidates will provide a two minute introduction, then we will ask you two rounds of questions with a two minute response per question…. After that we …

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When We Talk About Medicare-for-All…

I want to ask Americans to add up all they paid for healthcare in the last year — doctor’s visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, etc. This includes all the people who supposedly have ‘good’ insurance through their jobs. Then ask if they’d be willing to pay that same amount in taxes instead, which would ALSO enable …

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Two Upcoming Candidate Events

I wanted to note two upcoming candidate events I’ll be at this week: – this Tuesday 3/2, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., the South East Oak Park group (SEOPCO) is hosting a candidate forum for D200 candidates, which I’ll be attending; all are welcome. I think this is the right info for it: “Please sign up …

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My Profile in the Wednesday Journal

Profile of my candidacy in the local Wednesday Journal.…/d200-candidate-wants-to…/

Only So Much You Can Do

I have a list of things I didn’t get to accomplish in my time on the library board, because of course, there’s only so much you can accomplish in four years, given budgetary and other constraints, and then, y’know, PANDEMIC intervened… …so today I sent a note to the director asking if he’d have time …

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