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Librarians Are Great

Finished the February board meeting. Looks like I have one, or maybe two library board meetings left, depending on whether I get elected to school board and when those results get certified; I can’t hold two board positions at once, so I might have to step down from library board a month early. I’m totally …

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Who I’m Endorsing for Oak Park Library Board

I realized I hadn’t yet made a public statement about whom I was endorsing for the Oak Park library board, now that I’m finishing my term. I want to take this moment to thank everyone who supported my campaign and voted for me; I hope I have justified your trust in my care of the …

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Scheduling Some Zoom Meet-and-Greets

I’m trying to schedule some Zoom meet-and-greets for my candidacy in the upcoming D200 election — if you’re a local voter and would like to participate in one, please feel free to drop your time preferences (weekdays during the day, weekday evenings, weekends, more specific if needed) in the comments. Thanks! I hope to have …

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Activist Toolkit Guide

The Activist Toolkit Guide is up for River Forest. which includes me, since the high school covers both Oak Park & River Forest. In addition to the candidate questionnaire I sent them answers to, they include several relevant links. So much work they’ve put into this. We’re very lucky.

I Survived the Candidate Forum

I survived the candidate forum (2 hrs, due in part to some technical difficulties), and I think it went well. Honestly, we have a very strong slate of candidates at D200; we’re lucky. The League of Women Voters said they should have video posted by Monday, I think — I’ll link to it once it’s …

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League of Women Voters D200 Forum

Morning, folks. Plan for today — I have an iGov meeting at 9 (intergovernmental collaboration), then hosting co-writing from 10 (or a little after, depending on when the meeting ends) until 1, then at 2 p.m., my first candidate forum, for the League of Women Voters. If you’re interested in the high school board race, …

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The Three Biggest Challenges or Opportunities

Okay, in the last hour, I’ve filled out three pages of responses to the Activist Toolkit’s D200 questions, and my eyes are starting to glaze over — maybe the last six questions should wait ’til morning. Is 1:45 a.m. the best time to be thinking about best practices for creating equity in education? Well, better …

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A Misconception

There’s a misconception many people have about what it means to be an elected official. I’d include myself in that group, up until four years ago, before I actually was elected and started doing the job. When I ran for library board, I talked about my personal relationship to libraries — why I love and …

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Freedom to Thrive

Locals, I’ll be watching this over the weekend, wanted to surface it. Freedom to Thrive – Oak Park organizers recently held a candidate forum for Village Trustee, President, and Clerk candidates which was recorded. The presentation given includes an overview of the data we have on policing in Oak Park, and the recommendations that have …

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Thoughts on “Defunding the Police”

[Editing to note that there are a lot of people who know this subject much more deeply than I do — this is mostly me trying to think through my own thoughts on it right now, and is not meant to be in any way authoritative or comprehensive.] I keep thinking about the “defund the …

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