Bending Towards Justice


I’m no Paul Goyette when it comes to photographing and documenting the political work of our community, but I did want to capture this moment at the D200 high school board meeting yesterday. Current board president Sara Dixon Spivy hands a bouquet of flowers to retiring board member (and former board president) Dr. Jackie Moore, while current board member Gina HarKirat Harris looks on.

This is particularly moving for those of us who have been following the path of our high school over the last eight years, where Dr. Moore has been shepherding through a real shift in direction towards creating an actively anti-racist and truly inclusive high school.

I know it was incredibly difficult work, entailing much personal sacrifice on her part, as she held long, fraught conversations with community members and board members. Patiently, compassionately, and with clear vision, Dr. Moore pushed us all towards a better school, one that truly serves all its students well.

There’s a saying of Dr. Martin Luther’s King’s — “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

The corollary to that saying is that it doesn’t happen on its own. The arc bends towards justice only when dedicated and committed people do the work to bend the arc, and bring the rest of us along with them.