ActBlue wasn’t set up for our school board race the last time I checked, but they are now, and I’ve finished my set-up, so if you’d like to donate to my campaign, this is your chance.

This is a non-partisan election, so I’m not running as a Democrat per se, but by now, I think you know that my political leanings are strongly Democratic and progressive. (I’d actually like the Democratic party to lean more left, so I’ll keep trying to drag it in that direction, whether or not I’m elected…) Hence ActBlue.

You’ll see me talking a fair bit about campaign fundraising in the next few days — the election is April 6, so it’ll just be a short fundraising window. Costs are basically for a mailer and yard signs, plus a bit for the website, so I’m aiming to raise around $3-$4K to cover those expenses.

Donate here: