Last Library Board Meeting Tonight


I might write something more substantial up about the last four years of board service at some point, but for tonight, I’ll just say:

• if you’re thinking of running for office, or serving on local commissions, please think about it seriously; we’re always in need of good people committed to making the community better

• being on the library board was a particular kind of challenging fun that I hadn’t anticipated — problem solving for the greater good!

• it’s been a pleasure and a privilege serving with this board and staff, all committed to the library’s mission and dedicated in their service

• and in particular, I want to publicly commend our library director, David J. Seleb, who has done an exemplary job of managing our library’s response during a pandemic, taking excellent care of the community and the staff, while simultaneously shepherding a challenging and sensitive racial equity initiative through its first stages. Oak Park is very lucky to have him.

I’m going to miss working with these folks.