League of Women Voters D200 Forum


Morning, folks. Plan for today — I have an iGov meeting at 9 (intergovernmental collaboration), then hosting co-writing from 10 (or a little after, depending on when the meeting ends) until 1, then at 2 p.m., my first candidate forum, for the League of Women Voters. If you’re interested in the high school board race, check it out, details below!

I’m still trying to figure out some of the specifics of this campaign — I thought I used ActBlue for fundraising last time around, but I got a note from ActBlue that they’re not set up yet to accept funds from the D200 race. So I’m not sure what candidates use for campaign fundraising if not ActBlue — just a GoFundMe? That seems kind of unprofessional.

This shouldn’t be a very expensive campaign — the whole thing will happen in the next month, with the election upcoming on April 6th. I’d like to raise a few thousand dollars to cover a designer’s costs + yard signs + buttons + mailers. More on that soon. (Marcy Grant, fyi — I think we should just move ahead with the design, even though the fundraising piece isn’t in place yet, so I’m planning to send you those files today.)

I’m going to use co-writing time to keep the focus on the campaign, I think — finish filling out the Activist Toolkit questionnaire, add more to my campaign website, get the calendar of events posted. I do think everyone is running a month or so behind this time around, due to winter snow + pandemic exhaustion, but we’ll get it done. Civic duty waits for no one. 🙂


Today, 2/20 at 2:00 pm, League of Women Voters D200 forum!

Candidates Tom Cofsky, Fred Arkin, David Schrodt, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Kebreab Henry and Elias Ortega will start with opening statements, followed by questions for both candidates, and ending with closing statements. Questions can be submitted in advance of the forum at lwvoprf1924@gmail.com or by chat in Zoom during the forum. https://fb.me/e/ZDQw6ik9