Much Ground to Claim


My assignment for the morning is reading — Benjamin Rosenbaum and I are going to be interviewing Cory Doctorow on the podcast at 1 p.m. today, and I asked him if there’s any particular book of his that he’d like us to talk about, and he said _Attack Surface_, which follows on in the world of _Little Brother_. I’m not positive I’ll finish it in 3.5 hrs, esp. as I’ll undoubtedly be distracted by Facebook a time or two in there, but I should be able to sink into it pretty deep.

This is part of my secret plan to get myself to read more contemporary fiction — now that we’ve started regularly scheduling guests on the podcast, if I read a new novel for each of them, that should go a long way towards keeping me caught up with what’s happening in the lit world. 🙂 It’ll be good for my teaching too, in both fiction and contemporary lit. Win-win. We’ll be interviewing Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman soon, so I get to read their new books too, WHEE!!! (Ellen and Delia, feel free to tell me now what books of yours you’d most like to talk about on the podcast. I owe you a scheduling e-mail!)

Darius Vinesar is continuing to edit the podcast episodes for us, and I think we have a March 15th launch date. Exciting. We did record one recently that wasn’t so lit-focused; we were talking about the incident at the capitol, as well as the racist incident at L!ve Cafe last week (was it only last week? gah.), plus what happened to Dima Ali, with Matt Baron (OPRF board trustee) and his Wednesday Journal column.

I’ll try to write something more coherent about all that along with posting the podcast / video. Possibly mostly of interest to locals, but maybe not — it speaks to how we deal with this kind of thing generally in our communities.

Just because we have a Democrat president now, that doesn’t mean it’s time to rest on our laurels. We have so much ground to reclaim…and then so much further to go.

It’ll be a while before the episode is fully edited for the podcast, but I’m planning to put the raw video up today and will just link to it. (Darius, if you have time to upload it to my YouTube channel this morning, that’d be great — if not, I can do it later.) The podcast may not have that episode posted until April or May, and I want do what I can to surface this issue a little more locally before the April election.