SEOPCO Candidate Forum for D200


A little more info on tonight’s SEOPCO candidate forum for D200 (OPRF high school board), just so people know what the format will be like:

“Each of the six candidates will provide a two minute introduction, then we will ask you two rounds of questions with a two minute response per question….

After that we will put you in separate zoom rooms and participants will join a room and ask whatever questions they have. While we hope to have a SEOPCO board member in each room, we are asking you to ‘host’ your own room. Just introduce yourself and ask for questions. We will request that everyone rotate around to different candidates after about 10 minutes.

We are giving you one of the forum questions in advance, and the second one will not be revealed until we ask at the forum.

First question: Like the rest of the nation, Oak Park and D200 are grappling with issues of discrimination based on racism, Islamophobia, ableism and LGBTQ rights. What steps are you taking to learn more about these issues and how would you address bias in your service to the high school?

We plan to record both the main session and the breakout rooms. Please let us know if you don’t want your Zoom breakout room recording to be put online.”

“Please sign up in advance using this google form: — Zoom details will be sent to you before the forum.”