Sworn In


I’m catching up on posting a few things from last month, which got very harried with end-of-semester. This is a quick pic of me in the sari I wore when being sworn into school board office.

What’s funny is that I waffled mightily about which sari to wear — the problem being that I mostly wear saris for weddings and award ceremonies, so most of the ones I own are really a little too bling-y for a solemn, semi-formal occasion. Sparkles everywhere! Mirrors and sequins!

Last time I was in Sri Lanka, I did pick up some handloom saris (supporting traditional heritage textile workers, and paying fair trade prices, thank you), with the thought that they might be appropriate for different kinds of events. But the other handlooms I bought are really quite bright. 🙂 Red and orange and such.

And of course, I COULD have worn a bright red-and-orange sari, but I thought this one was actually kind of perfect, in sedate (yet subtly rich) colors. Marrying East and West, as it were.

I did have to borrow a dark blue mask from Kevin, because all of mine are too cheery and patterned to go with this sari! If I hadn’t been in a rush, I might’ve seen if I could cut some fabric from the interior end to sew up a matching mask — ah well. This worked, I think.

(Dearest aunties, please do not critique my sari draping — I had literally five minutes to actually put this on between finishing work and rushing off to be sworn in. I did my best! Thank goodness the blouse still fit!)