Who I’m Endorsing for Oak Park Library Board


I realized I hadn’t yet made a public statement about whom I was endorsing for the Oak Park library board, now that I’m finishing my term. I want to take this moment to thank everyone who supported my campaign and voted for me; I hope I have justified your trust in my care of the library and its patrons. It has been a tremendous responsibility, and an honor to serve.

For this next election (early voting is open now, with the election on April 6), I’m endorsing Matt Fruth, Sarah Glavin, Madhurima Chakraborty and Saria Lofton. (There are four open seats on the library board.)

Re: Matt in particular, our current board president, knowing he’s likely to be re-elected gives me reassurance about ending my time on the library board. He has been a champion of equity, and is always questioning himself, pushing to do better for the library, and for the community.

There’s a bit in West Wing, when Toby is asked whether he’s ready to go into a meeting with the people who want to defund public television. He says:

“I was raised on Sesame Street. I was raised on Julia Child. I was raised on Brideshead Revisited. Their legacies are safe in my hands.”

That’s how I feel about Matt and the library — its legacy is safe in his hands.


You can read public statements from the library board candidates in the Activist Toolkit voter guide: https://www.activisttoolkit.org/2021-oak-park-voter-guide